Sirius - Page 4

Sirius - Page 4

Tue, 2012-02-14 12:58


I'm not sure it's hit its stride yet, but I'm really enjoying it.

Can I send two Galaxy Rangers pages that I have, because what is depicted in the Look-In gallery is actually a mislabeled Buck Rogers panel.

Hullo Bheki,
thanks for the offer. I would like to see the pages but there is no way to send me anything until the site's email provider is back on line.
Are you sure that is a Buck Rogers panel? If so I will change it.

Hundred percent positive!

I'm your biggest fan, remember?

We've not heard anything regarding Button Man from you in a while, Mr Ranson. Anything to report?

And how would you feel about any changes Hollywood might (read:will) make to the story, should they ever get around to making it? I've been thinking a lot about the fact that the story, particularly the first volume, has absolutely no romantic aspects to it; and unless it's an arthouse movie, there is absolutely no way Hollywood would make it without adding some. I'm absolutely certain about that.

Or maybe you're more concerned with it just being made, in any form; even if the movie is **** (of poor quality. ed), the book will remain untainted. Like Watchmen, a bad movie could never take away from how good the source material is.


Nothing to report on posssible Button Man movie and I expect not until July. Dreamworks haven't sought my opinion on any aspect of the undertaking and I do not imagine they will. If a film were to happen I would take the money and smile winsomely.

Love the landscapes you've created here Arthur, especially the nightfall/dawn panels and the entrance in the rock face. Seems to be an undercurrent of menace though nothing really tangible yet. Axis...bold as love?

I do like the Hendrix 'bold as love' thing, just wish I had thought of it. Happy coincidence.

I was really young at the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s but Look-In was a great interface for pop culture at the time and your artwork was entwined in it all Arthur, a splendid time guaranteed for all!

Hullo Andy,
Look-in was a good comic - biggest seller in the country for a while - and I was lucky to work on it.