For Button Man, the first one in particular, I was consciously trying to do something different with story-telling technique and/but its popularity was unexpected. My account of the genesis of  Button Man  is in the introduction of the original 'graphic novel' version of Button Man by Kitchen Sink. I neglect to mention in it the  influence of my watching the TV series Twin Peaks had on the look of the strip. An edited version of the introduction is in latest Rebellion copy. It could be reproduced on this site if there is a demand. If it helps, the book's editor James Vance in his bit did describe this introduction as "charming". He neglected to mention how essential he had been in my putting it together. 
The process of creating Button Man was collaborative with  writer John Wagner as driver. At this distance in time I have no idea how much of what appears was scripted by John and how much I added for reasons of my own. Whether for instance alligator killing heron (pic38) was asked for or some fancy of mine

I have drawn three stories - The Killing Game, Confessions of Harry Exton,and Button Man III, Killer Killer. There is a fourth, drawn by Frazer Irving, for which, to my surprise, I was credited it's idea by John Wagner.

All are available as books and the  three I had a hand in are collected under one cover as Get Harry Ex. - Blog at

There are French and Spanish versions of the first story 'The Killing Game'.
For a while DreamWorks held the option to make a movie from 'Button Man - The Killing Game'.
That option is now ( Feb. 2014) in the hands of RINGTHE JING Entertainment as producers.
This led to a deal with WarnerTV but now (April 19 2018) that too has folded.