My regular work method left little retievable drawing seperate from finished artwork, the Mazeworld picture an exception. Drawings here for stories I planned and/or when considering a change in style and  method.
Conversations -  imagined as a book of fantasy pics and scheme to reinvent my professional self. Still  think it has potential - the ballpiont pen as drawing instrument that is. All but two of all the drawnings here done with that humble instrument.
- Japanese sword and sorcery remaking of a story I had been writing for childrens newspaper 'Scoop'.
- intergalactic tale of guy saving the universe from creepy folk. Developed from a 1989 UKCAC charity auction drawing. Planned for a 'Future Shocks'  submission, became epic space-cowboy yarn. Now appearing at a website near you.
- Thought to write and draw story of  Bruce Wayne getting costume made in 1940's Nazi occupied  Paris. Disappionted in my forays into super-herodom I wanted to demonstrate dynamic hero stuff.
No projects were completed. It's a commitment thing.
( There is now, 2012,  the attempt to make something of the Sirius sketches via a strip on the website)
At times I would 'sketch' in clay or plasticine. Only two examples of  that extant are for work I never got round to doing - head of Sirius and the helmet for the 'Ronan the Accuser' job I was unable to finish for Andy Schmidt at Marvel.